Charlie’s travels – Nepal 29

Very short walk today – just three hours to Gorepani through Rhododendrum forests – all in bloom its fantastic! Actually parts of the walk remind me of grenofen/double waters but on a really huge scale! Pass way too many tempting waterfalls but something tells me it would be socially totally innapropiate to strip off and take a dip.. Actually thats the only annoying thing about Nepal, is that by being respectable and covering up etc you end up with the silliest tan marks – i look like someone has done a botch DIY job with the spray tan!


bananas!                      some guys fishing

Reach Ghorepani just as its starting to rain but after dumping our stuff at the lodge we soldier on up Poon Hill (takes an hour to climb and when I say climb I really mean it!) But we make it – getting totally drenched in the process! We look a sight next to our Sherpas – there’s us completely covered top to toe in waterproofs and Kate Rona and Jackie (the canadian ladies) with their huge hiking poles, and then theres Dhan and Ghising casually strolling up in their flip flops!

Anwyay luckily the lodge we are staying at is a bit bigger and has a huge furnace in the middle of the dining area with scaffolding round to dry our undies on! Totally ingenius – I dont move from it until dinner! Tonight we meet the owner of the lodge who is a friend of Veemals and also an ex-internatioal diving champion! He is a total character – I even manage a foto with all his medals! Turns out Kate had seen him dive in the 1978 olympics !

Posted from Nepal:

posted Tuesday April 2006