Charlie’s travels – Nepal 31

Today we fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara where we squeeze onto a bus to birenthanti, a small village where we will begin the trek. Driving through Pokhara is interesting – a few encounters with water buffalo in the road (quickly delete the scores of fotos I had excitedly taken of distant buffalo in china!!) We then get a flat tyre so have a bit of a wander round the market. These guys are rubbish to barter with – china was hilarious, you could literally take them down to a quarter of the price but they dont budge here –  so after looking for a sari I end up with half a K of oranges… dont ask.

Anyway finally make it to birenthanti where we stay in a lodge for the night, before beginning the trek in the morning. Veemal our guide is looking rather worried as he eyes our unlikely troop..! I give him my best reassuring smile- it has little effect…


ghising in Birethanti                just some girls playing in B.                    standin on bridge across river
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posted Sunday April 2006