Charlie’s travels – Nepal 32

Ok so today was when I met my fellow trekkers – seriously convinced I’d get a group of expert mountaineers with stupidly high stamnias but Im in luck – theres only 5 of us! 3 canadian ladies and a fellow brit Emily who is doing voluntary work just outside Kathmandu. Turns out they are all highly qualified physiotherapists so looks like I’ll be in safe hands!

Go for a drink later with em and just in the middle of telling her about how I had nearly been persuaded to go through Tibet to Kathmandu with Eric (guy met in china) instead of flying form hongkong when who walks past the window…! Apparently he arrived at everest base camp on the one day that the clouds parted –  Now seriously annoyed I didnt go, but for all I knew he could have been a loon so hey ho. Tibet goes on the list!
Posted from Nepal:

posted Saturday April 2006