Charlie’s travels – Nepal 34

Been spending the last couple of days getting lost – I feel like Alice in wonderland – think Im going in one direction and then I’ll suddenly come upon a river, which according to the map is on the other side of the city! So confused! Found some nice cafes – mostly by accident whilst Im trying to avoid the countless numbers of children asking for oyur money –  one boy couldnt have been more than 8 and yet he was reciting all the capital cities in Europe to me and speaking in fluent English (before asking for money obviously) – seriously weird. Everywhere I go the street vendors want to know my name and where Im from etc – my usual response is “I have no money do you still want to know?” They usually give up then! Yesterday I told one I was from India – that confused him heehee!

Meet up with the trekking group tonight and then fly out of Kathmandu on the 3rd April to Pokhara and then onto the annapurnas – so this is probably the last blog til I get back on the 16th  🙂

Posted from Nepal:

posted Saturday April 2006