Charlie’s travels – New Zealand 4

Just moved into backpackers in dunedin, dragging myself from uncle p and aunty C who incidently own THE most comfortable bed in the history of Home furnishings. Crazy coincidences: bumped into Alex Baker who I went to school with, she’s been teaching in timaru for the last 8 months! And this morning chatting to a Kiwi from Wellington and turns out his cousin is Tom diamond! (for those of you who went to DHSG!!!) how weird!

What have i done.. went to a party last nightwith some international students studying at the uni here – met some girls form hungary who want me to sign onto some writing course with them, but i dont think im going to stick around long enough, Im planning on flying up to wellington at the end of the week prob… what else… last weekend Uncle P Aunty C and Rose took me down to the Caitlins, stopped at the “confidence course” – lots of crossing rickets wires and sliding down firemens poles in the forest there, funny stuff! (loving the “at your own risk” sign) Just generally bumming around and having a good time! hope blighty is coping with the soccer loss ok!
Posted from New Zealand:

posted Saturday July 2006