Charlie’s travels – New Zealand 8

AGH!pressed sometihng and its all gone so luckily for oyu I’ll just whizz through in brief:

Left net cafe in vietnam to get stuff to take to airport bus, cant find hotel, mad panic, find hotel, get stuff and hop on moto, forgotton passport, crap, back to hotel, late for bus now, speed through rush hour, just make bus in time, airport.Gooodbye vietnaaam!

Singapore: arrive late, take taxi to hostel, taxi doesnt know the one i want so takes me to ymca instead, christian? whatever. they charge me $103 for one night (no dorms – apparently) penniless so reschedule flight for that evening.

Sydney: arrive 5am, blitz it in one day, do everyhitng free imaginable, fly out that evening

christchurch NZ: arrive early hours, maybe 1am? had no sleep for the past couple of nights so yeah maybe I did look like a junkie, get stopped by customs and taken to ahve my bag searched, they scan my stuff for drugs and find traces of mdma and amphetamines, yeah liek Id even go near the stuff at home let alone abroad, do u think Im stupid?! Quesitoned for a coiuple of hours, bag dismantled xrayed scanned vaccuumed, mobile and camera taken apart xrayed scanned vaccuumed, – lots of discussions behind “mirror” on wall – making me sketchy and look guilty as anything –  nobpody believes me for a second of course but after finding absolutely nothing and discovering I had bought half my stuff in Phnom Penh market they let me go (after reading my diary of course), its 3am now and I need to chekc in for my flight to Dunedin at 6am so I spend another sleepless night on the floor of the airport.

Dunedin: get in at 10am – ring uncle P and auntie C who come and pick me up – oh my god how happy am I!!!!!! Civilisaiton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a bit of a snooze that afternoon and then go out in Dunedin with my cousin Rosie, its cool, its like being bakc in sixth form n everyone swarming to jellyjazz! Stay at Rosies flat , so not much sleep that night either and now Im thikning I am liek a walking zombie!

Get back around midday and sleep solidly until the following morning.

Go out with Peter and Ceinwen to the beach and Otago Peninsular where we see this baby albatross! (baby? its huge!) and then along the coast with fab views – though still trying to acclimatise to the cold, I dont think Ive felt cold in about two months!!!!

yesterday wandered round Dunedin, and today job hunting because Im poenniless in fact worse, Im in debt, so yep looking for work wish me luck XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Posted from New Zealand:

posted Tuesday June 2006