Charlie’s travels – Singapore 20

Clare you crack me up! I will email with fountains of knowledge – but I think the best advice is to take absolutely nothing and buy everyhitng when you arrive – it will save you hundreds!Right Im just going to whizz at ultra speed thruogh the last couple of weeks- its been mad!Krabi: totally mad island snorkling trip, pass the isalnd where The Beach was filmed, delete my memory card by accident (nice one),Find great beach bar called Lunar – too many buckets, broken flip flops, 6am return..ummm…. wicked night! Next day rent motorbikes with Michel Alison and Alex and go up the coast for the day (sweeeeet!)- get eaten by ants when on the beach in the evening – go to Thai boxing match and watch little nippers no more than 12 pummelling each other to death – crazy stuff. Penang: Get train to Penang crossing the border into Malaysia – Have to leave Allsion at the border cos her passport got trashed during Songkran festival and they wont accept it – nightmare. After 12 hours travelling we arrive (buses, trains, ferries, you name it we took it!)Hire a minibus and do crazily fast tour round the major attractions, Forts and Snake farms (check me out – I got INSIDE a cage with a huuuge Python!) and temples and Pagodas and … huge statue things etc. Get an Indian and then watch the Lady boys near the pub! Eat chickens feet and other weird and wonderful things for breakfast!No word from AllisonCameron Highlands: Cute guesthouse, – we do some sites – strawberry farm, honey farm, rose garden , (where Bec gets pounced upon buy a gardener!) Tea Plantation, butterfly sanctuary – (or more like crazy insect sanctuary – giant millipedes grasshoppers and even scorpians- actually the scorpian was the same size as the one we had in our room in the Khao Sok Jungle – (did I tell you about that? well it was big and we screamed and then it ran away)uhmmm what else.. went for a Steamboat that night – you just chuck all your food in a pot of boiling water like a Chinese Hot Pot and cook it yourself – then we bought heaps of chocolate and kicked the guys out the common room whilst we ogled over Heath Ledger in Casonova (rubbish film) Michel hears from Allison – she had to get the train back to Bangkok to get the Canadian Embassy to reissue her a passport – nightmare.Kuala Lumpar: Seriously long bus ride to KL, we stay in China town. Find a ladies night at a Reggae Bar ( being female here is awesome – if you can find a ladies night it SO cheap – you pay less than half what the guys have to!) Take full advantage! Muchous dancing on the bar and horrible attempts at playing pool – Go on random shopping trip in the morning, still feeling the effects of the last night – went out to find pants come back with a pot of those kids bubbles…?! Do some sightseeing with Michel Alex and the Ozzies: Twin Towers, Menara Tower, BB Plaza… – successfully negotiate the bus routes – need to chill out for a bit so go to the cinema that night to see She’s The Man – appalling chick flic but very funny.Malaka: Bus it to Melaka – stay in haunted guest house called Sama Sama – reminds us of the Reggae bar – the owners have this huge portrait of Bob Marley painted on the wall – only cold showers, but its so hot I dont care! Again do some sightseeing with Michel and the Ozzies, – some very random museums, and find the river – out that night to another ladies night: FREE cocktails – this place is insane. Michel leaves this mornign to get a bus to KL and then onto Cambodia – Im going to get a flight from Signapore into Siem Reap to meet up and do the temples of Angkor – sweet cant wait! Singapore: Horribly horribly long bus ride to Singapore – leave at 9am and get in at 2:30 – going through customs takes forever and the bus goes round in circles – got no sleep the night before so am like the walking dead by the time we get in! Allison meets us finally! We both sleep until dinner. Go out in chinatown for supper then back for a much needed early night.Ok TODAY! Well its taken me all morning to find an internet cafe. Im getting an early mornign flight to Siem Reap in Cambodia tomorrow. Its stupidly cheap so my money is going to go a lot further there! Im looking into return flights from Hanoi, but my bank balance is probably going to restrict me to Cambodia, but will keep in touch – Peter Ive set aside 200 quid for NZ to start me off and will proabably be arriving end of May now 🙂 Cant wait! Love to All XXXX
Posted from Singapore:

posted Wednesday March 2014