Charlie’s travels – Thailand 24

still alive! (mum very impressed – commenting on a blog page? you’re learning fast!)

So today went to the grand palace and WatPo this huuuuuge buddha! (seriously this guy is huge – was expecting him to be sitting up but he’s lying on his side looking totally chilled lol) Too hot but could be worse.. Attemped to get to lumphini Park but got lost and hot and pride refused me to get a taxi =

The palace made up for it tho – its incredible – will download photos when i get to the end of my memory card!

Oh and managed to convert the excess Rupees in the end – basically i lost the recepit for the 30 000 (arrrgh screwwwww) so got an old receipt that siad 5000 rs and moved the decimal point whilst adding a couple of naughts. Work of art. Got to the exchange and they didnt even ask for one! blimmin typical!!
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posted Thursday April 2006