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So folks, this is the third attempt to post an update; 15 euro later and a crazy foreign key board…forgive me if the a and q are flipped… just read and know that i am tired of typing today….

So when we left off, ryqn qnd i were in belgium sampling a small fraction of the 2000 beers at the Delirium Cafe. Fabulous place and its not in the guidebooks so its still pretty fresh and off the beaten path. The next day we headed down to Bruges which is an almost totally preserved exmple of medieval architecture…cobblestone streets, canals, lovely row houses, hordes of tourists… but we had a lovely day eating chocolates and strolling the medieval streets. my first version of this was sooo much better! im going to let ryan tpe now because other wise i might rip this keyboard out of the computer and through it against the wall and then i might get kicked out of the internet cafe… so heres ryan! love all of you!

rpk here-

bye bye punctuation.  so bruges was just cute and charming and i would reccommend seeing it to anyone visiting northwestern europe.  you will really get a taste of what europe used to be.  the next morning, 06-06-06, we hopped a high speed train (because it was the only one available) to PARIS!!!  our hotel, the Grand Hotel Magenta, across the street from the train station was neither grand nor magenta.  thankfully it is a hotel, so we dumped the bags and once again started hiking around town.  we found our way via a cute little cafe and the Seine to the Eiffel Tower for a dizzying view of this city of love.  it was complete with strolling hand in hand along the river, a 95m high view of the sunset at the Eiffel Tower cafe, a Spanish festival with flamenco dancers and a sparkly light show on the tower itself….romance all over the place.  yesterday for something new we decided to go to Disneyland Paris!!  i never thought my first Disney park would be in France, but i also never thought i would get married in scotland.  some of the major attractions were closed including pirates of the carib, and others kept breaking down like space mountain: mission 2 (it was running later and it freaking rocks), so we probably didnt get our money’s worth, but hey.  it’s disney!  we did have a really fun day though.  we got some sun for a change and ate burgers for a change and got home early; around 9.30pm, and i don’t think either of us lasted till midnight.  thankfully, we were so exhausted that the Grand Hotel Magenta was oddly welcoming and the bed seemed a little more comfy than the night before.  today, our plan was to hit the Louvre, find internet cafe, grab picnic snackin’s, lounge in the park and seek out the Latin Quarter.  all was going according to plan until our first int. cafe erased both of our hour-long blog entries;  CR’s was brilliant and funny, and you all are sad because you missed it.  mine was pulitzer-worthy.  anywhozit, we still got our picnic munchies, some of which are still in tow, and CR ate a pound of cheese she thinks.  i had what i think was Jewish challah bread with some ham……think about that one…..Another great day and we’re both still deliriously in-love.  tomorrow brings an 8-hour train ride to munich after which we’ll drop off the bags and find as CR puts it, the nearest brauhaus to help the locals cheer on the host team as Germany opens the World Cup against Costa Rica.  much love to our readers and thoe who haven’t posted yet.  also, hello to Cousin Eddie especially from me!  congrats on your graduation and i’m sorry i couldn’t be there for it.  hopefully, we’ll find an american keyboard in Deutschland.  ttfn, all.  rpk and CR
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posted Thursday June 2006