Just a tiny note while we wait for some of our hostel buddies to meet us to head over to the Ghost Hunter tour. It’s a spooky tour, probably corny but you walk into the underground caverns and through a graveyard… I’ll be sleeping in Ryan’s bunkbed tonight for sure! We went up and explored the Castle this morning; it’s really neat because no matter where you are in Edinburgh you see that castle looming over you up on it’s hill. A constant reminder of what city you’re in. We also picked our spot out for tomorrow’s vow exchange and found a little shop with hand made jewelry where we found a couple of rings. Very simply but lovely. Perfect for us. Then we’re spending the night in a REAL hotel with a huge bed and crisp sheets and A POOL! We are very excited about this and will probably just hole up in the hotel, swimming and jumping on the bed all the while looking dreamily into each others eyes. sigh.

Oh you guys, with all of your comments, i love it! It’s so great to hear that all of you are liking the blog. We probably communicate more now than we did when we were in MN! And the TV updates are great too. I cannot believe that old man won Idol! And i’m glad that Harold won top chef. He was the best from the start. OKay, think about us tomorrow at around 3pm. We’ll feel you all with us in sprit. Love you and wish y’all were here.

Now, bring on the ghosties! CRT
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posted Thursday May 2006