After some thoughtful consideration and some additional information like how much gas costs in the UK, certain restrictions on driving in London during the work day, what it costs to park a car in Edinburgh and some serious jitters about driving here in general we chickened out cancelled our reservation for the car and we’ll be on the train in the morning… it was going to cost roughly the same and in the long run it will be quicker, safer and more relaxing. After all the running around we’ve been doing in will actually be nice to just sit down and watch the scenery. We know, we’re big scaredy-cats. Apologies to all who were looking forward to the hilarious driving stories… maybe we’ll drive through Australia…

Geri and Jesse – got a great pic of a curly haired mullet today… will upload soon.

Joelie, thanks for your sweet note. We found it tonight in our Scotland book.

love, love and more love, CR & R
Posted from UK:

posted Tuesday May 2006