CR’s pack is stuffed to the gills. No one is surprised. Smushy is hanging out in the top left corner trying to sneak it’s way into the pack…

It’s all about technique. I roll most of the clothes up into little sausages and cram them into the bottom of the bag. I also packed once and then took it all out and made Ryan do a “clothes auction with me where he had to give me feedback and help me leave behind some of the 6,000 shirts I was trying to bring. I’m not going to look at it again. Whatever is in there is staying and if I’ve forgotten anything I’m just going to be S.O.L. The bag is great. Even filled it’s light enough so that I can carry it easily without whining. Ryan is only bring 3 t shirts because he knows he will succumb to souvenir shirts. I need options and he needs room for souvenirs. It’s good to know your own weaknesses.
Posted from USA:

posted Friday May 2006