Dominiques Mexican Adventure – Mexico 5

Hi Everyone!

THANK YOU so much for all the birhtday wishes! It really means a lot to me. I couldn’t celebrate with all of you, but I was thinking about each and everyone of you. I had a great day … I was not looking forward to turning 25, however if the year turns out anything like the first day, it will be great! One of the kids in the mini club, Zak, is such a charmer and he was so excited for my birthday. First thing is the morning he came to find me becuase he bought me a present … it was a beautiful neckalce that him and his sister picked out! Isn’t that sweet! Then at lunch all the kids sang Happy Birthday to me. They were so cute! Then I had the afternoon off and Zak and I had a little ‘birthday date’. We went sailing and then we went to the bar for a ‘virgin’ daquiri! Afterwards I took a fitness class and did yoga at sunset. It was amazing! I wish you all could have been here! And someone had better come and visit me soon! Just let me know when you wanna come and I will arrange it! Thanks again! Miss you all! Love Dominique

Posted from Mexico:

posted Friday January 2007