Down Under – New Zealand 1

Spend Friday night in Wellington with Chloe and Keeley (Becci not well)…..had a great night- went to some great bars and ended up in the middle of Cuba St (the place to be in Wellington!) listening to a guy playing on a guitar at 4.00a.m……this is what we’re used to!!! Slept in the back of the campervan in some works carpark!!! Saved 30 bucks anyway.

Saturday morning waved Chloe and Co off – they are off to Fiji now for a couple of weeks!! Different part to where we are going – they are off to where they filmed Love Island.

We travelled up to Napier for Saturday night – about a four hour drive.We happened to dropin on Napier on the weekend of the year!! Art Deco weekend – it was amazing everyone was dressed up 20’s stlye and every other car was Classic….. We where in our element.Bands playin in the streets – needles to say we had a great night!!

Sunday travelled the 6 hours back up to Auckland to Sue and Dannys. Stayed the night here (using Dannys PC at the moment.)

Just getting ready now to take the Campervan back and then Danny is taking us to the airport.

It is now 10.00a.m. here – our flight to Fiji is at 2.00p.m.

thanks for all your mesages.

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The Moles
Hi Gay & Nick
Sounds like your having a fantastic time despite the insect attacks, but looking on the bright side the bites you get in the Welsh hills
will now pale into insignificance. Looking forward to seeing you both
(and your photos).Love from “The Moles”

22 Feb 2007
Hi Gay and NickSorry to hear you have been attacked again…they only go for the best blood. Have some more Cava to take the sting away !!Have you been in the sea yet…Fiji or any of the other places that you have been to ?I can just imagine Nick trying to find something…I bet the air was blue and the bug was more scared than Nick, especially when he saw his Chiwowa (sp ?!) bollocks.Love to you bothSafe travelling, can’t wait to see you SaturdayDebbie and co
XXXXXXXXXXXXXPS Got OFSTED in for two days…think of me !!

20 Feb 2007
Jayne Blakemore
Hi folks, good to hear you are in Fiji safe, sounds like you have had a good time, and the bugs certainly think you are a bit tasty too!! lovely to hear your travels, stay safe, loads of love to you both, Jayne & co xxxxxx

20 Feb 2007
Hello our fellow explorers and where are we today (dont tell me.. your on the Holly grail trail today) 🙂
its been great following your steps round New zealand , but its come to a sudden stop, that hasnt got anything to do with the visit to the vine yards has it…..he he
how many days you got left in new zealand now, and how many days do you have in fiji?
speak soon my traveling duo……
p.s. oh by the way Nick got your dads job,hopefully fitting it next saturday cheers mate (have another week out there on me)second thought
just have a drink!!!!!

18 Feb 2007
Hi Nick and GaySounds like your having a WHALE of a time !!Hope you have lots of photos to show us when you get back. You will need a holiday to recover . Can’t wait to see you both. Are you looking forward to your next destination ? Is Nick better now ? Love the Vanes

18 Feb 2007
Lisa Mosedale
Ki ora!!! to you both , so you have made the south Island wow!! How is Nick finding the beer or are you both on the New Zealand Wine?
It all sounds fantastic and I cant wait to hear more on your return and see the photos.Happy holidays !!Lots of Love Lisa and Darrin xxxxxxxx

16 Feb 2007
hi gay and nick, sounds like you are having a fab time, hope the bites are healing nick! chris and i are keeping your reputation up in the waggon so dont worry that they all may have forgotton you. enjoy the rest of your trip….Lisa xxx

16 Feb 2007
Little bro
I tell you what it sounds great over there,the only problem is your going to be absolutely nackered after this trip sound like a holiday coming on to me !!! Do you end up back at pollys for a bit or not, when do you meet Nicks relative whos travelling?
To many questions to ask will speak to you soon … lots of love

15 Feb 2007
Well I was up at 4.00 am this morning, so I thought I’d drop you a line, as I am sure you are awake in your part of the world!!!!!! How you doing? Can’t believe you lay by the seals! Amazing! What a fantastic experience – that and your travels. Great! Enjoy every moment and keep saft and even safe!!! PS The Tavern has shut down!

15 Feb 2007
auntie Jo
Well gay I can take you to Scotland to see seals on the beach!
Glad you are having a good time Ben & Ruth are doing you proud with brenda.I will be impressed when you see the whalesEnjoy every auntie Jo X

14 Feb 2007
Hi Gay and NickIt sounds like you are having the most fantastic time….can’t wait to see all the photo’s. How close were you able to get to the seals ? How many were there ? Have you seen any whales and dolphins yet ?How is Nick ? Hope he is improving.Lots of love and take careVanes family xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

14 Feb 2007
Hi Gay & Nick!!Just a quick hello!!! (or goodaay)!!Glad your having a fab time!! I bet the seals were fantastic. it sound’s like a non stop very busy holiday!! well, will see you when you get back!! Don’t get too tanned!!!! helen x (work)

14 Feb 2007
Tim & Jude
Hi Gay and Nick,Sorry to hear you’ve been half eaten!!Apart from the bites sounds like you’ve have wonderful time. I hear you managed to get the Bathams through, hope it was appreciated!!Is Nick doing the driving or are you sharing” Will check you out again soon, have fun!!Love Tim & Jude P.S. Taverns profits have dropped by 20% in the last week!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Feb 2007
If the mossies
carry on biting they will end up pissed !!! sorry to hear you are not well…keep taking the tablets. The snow has all gone now and the skies are blue, but still cold.Tim and Jude are here, Jude will be loggin on laterSpeak soonLove the Vanes XXX

11 Feb 2007
Auntie Jo X
Hi gaye & Nic,Very happy you have arrived safe Loook forward to reading about your travels

10 Feb 2007
G’dayGreen with envy….weather is crap ! Yesterday wash really pretty with nice clean sniw, today is slushy and grey….roll on the summer.Wheres the photies ? Have you seen any sharks ? What route will you take in the camper ? Whats the camper like ? Love to Sue, Danny and KidsSpeak soon…Love Debbie and co

10 Feb 2007
The Moles
Hi Gay & Nick
Debs just told us about your Travels. Andy says “whats the surf like”
and “is there any snow on the mountains?”
We have just got back from boarding in the Alps (not the best snow conditions)and are now looking for our nx destination!
Hope your are having a fantastic time – Wish we were there with you and our camper, which is sat on the drive covered in snow! (its been snowing for the past 2 days). See you soon – Love The Moles

10 Feb 2007
Well, bet you are really peeved that you have missed all the snow and sledging today! I dunno – pay all that money and you’re just too hot for sightseeing!!!! Ha ha ha ! Has Nick managed to obtain any concreting contracts while there? Heard Ben’s pulled long-distance!What you been up to day? I suppose you are on plane now to your next destination. Hope you coping on plane Gay – sure you are used to it now! Don’t forget to spot the kangaroos! Look forward to next epi! xxxxxxxx Mand x

08 Feb 2007
Hello troopers!! well its great to hear of your latest travels, its lovely and white here at the moment, but they expect it to be gone by tomorrow, I am pulling my hair out as kids off school, was due to go to your mom’s today however snow stopped all that, one inch of snow in England and the place comes to a standstill¬!! Well be good and look forward to your next instalment xxx Love Jayne & co

08 Feb 2007
Small Bro
got your message this morning at 7 oclock,sound nice and warm. snow was supposed to be about six inches this morning got about 1 and half
inches,well did you meet any intresting people? whats the beer like?
Spoke to Ben this morning and he said hes got a Fan over there(you havent been showing his ugly mug around have you ?
well its great to hear of the Gay Nick traveling experience will check in to next episode..
Have fun.
love from Hill clan
P.S went up moms this morning shes fine

08 Feb 2007
Debbie Vanes
Great to hear from you, I was begining to lose hope ! Sounds like you are having a fantastic time. It’s snowing heavily here today, all schools closed (yipee!!) and threat of severe frost tonight. Kids are having a whale of a time…Ellis has been out since 7.30 this morning and it is now 11.16.Mark busy making lots of snow type food (broth, chicken casserole and soup !!) He’s going sleding up , or down, Wychbury Hill later.Can’t wait to see photo’s. Hows Nick. ? Made any new friends ? Catch up soonLots of love…take careDebbie and Mark

08 Feb 2007
Amanda Jayne
Hi, how’s it going? Bet you had some noodles for tea! Lucy-Mae would love it there as noodles are her fave dish! Bet you are both completely knaquered but excited at the same time that you don’t want to miss out on anything. Looking forward to seeing a piccy of Nick in that skirt in Fuengerola or whereever it is you are going! Ha ha ha ha. Hope you keeping a diary of what you’re doing … well, most of what you’re doing! Enjoy! Take care! Take some piccies! Looking forward to seeing them – you know what I’m like for photos! Keep us updated x

05 Feb 2007

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