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We are currently getting ready to leave for East Africa, below is some information about how we are going to to spenting the next two months.

We are second year veterinary students at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph Ontario.  We will be volunteering this summer in Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, three of the more politically stable countries in Eastern Africa.  We have made many contacts in Africa, some through our colleagues and professors at OVC, some on our own.  We have chosen to volunteer where we can use our veterinary skills, english language, education and labour skills in a beneficial way.  Our intentions are to learn about the situations and cultures of East Africans, while opening our eyes to how veterinary medicine can be beneficial and how it is currently working in these countries where there are so many other significant human issues. 

Project Mandate: 

To use our skills and experiences in a positive and gentle way to benefit the places that we visit.  By listening, learning, sharing and teaching we hope to gain a better understanding of East African citizens, their cultures and how veterinary medicine can enhance the lives of both the people and animals in a sustainable manner.

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21 Jan 2007
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