Emily – Cadiz! – Spain 3

Hola everyone! Well I made it, I am here in Cadiz! I cant believe that it has only been a few days since I left!  It has gone by really fast but it also seems like I have been here for a while. So far, Cadiz is amazing. I LOVE my family-I couldnt ask for a better one. It was so overwhelming the first day, but they were so understanding and when I got teary-eyed after calling my mom, my host mom got teary-eyed with me.  They really treat me like one of their own and no one in the family speaks ANY english.  I am thankful for that because I am learning so much every day. Cadiz is beautiful-I have been to the beach every day so far.  It is called La playa de Santa Maria and La playa Victoria.  It is 8 km long! It really goes on forever. I am still finding my way around here, the buildings are SO close together and really high so it; hard to know where I am! You wouldnt believe how narrow the streets are and you have to be careful because cars actually drive down the streets. I am actually feeling extremely comfortable for it only being my 4th day here. The food is great and I am adjusting to the eating schedules. I am actually pretty hungry right now and dinner isnt until 10 pm. (Its almost 8 here). Lunch is usually extremely filling because it; pretty much a big dinner and they offer you more and more food! Our profesora told us today that the Spanish moms will always want to fatten us up 🙂 Back to the beach- it is pretty much the life here in Cadiz. EVERYONE goes pretty much every day. There are people of all ages (not to mention topless) with old women playing bingo under their sun umbrellas and men playing poker. You lay so close to everyone because the entire beach is full! I also got to experience the night life on Saturday when I didnt go to bed until 7 am.  It was a blast and I slept until 1 pm the next day. I couldnt believe it and  I felt so bad but my parents told me that that was completely normal for kids on the weekends..their 14 year old daughter didnt’wake up until we had lunch at 230! I couldnt’ believe all of the little kids running around at midnight-Cadiz definitely has the night life. I also have a 29 year old sister Vanessa and a 27 year old named Alma. I love Vanessa and talk to her a lot.  In fact, her and I are going on a bike ride together in about a half an hour. I havent met Alma because she is a nurse and always goes to her boyfriends; house. But all 6 of us live in a tiny 3 bedroom apt. with one bathroom and kitchen! It is crazy but it definitely works.  Everyone lives in apts here and people live with their parents until they are old.  That will probably be me with my parents someday..haha We had our first day of language class today and that went well. We have that for a week and a half and then start regular classes next wednesday.  This trip is going to go by so fast and there is so much I want to do! I really love it here and miss you all so much. Take care and e-mail me anytime (Embem33@aol.com) I love you all! Emily

Posted from Spain:

posted Sunday September 2007