European Adventure 14 October 2008 – France 0

BARCELONA!!!  Barcelona was such an amazing city as well.  We spent the days wondering around the city and seeing the various sights and the nights just hanging out or going out.  We went to the beach every day we were actually there and it was gorgeous!!!  The beach areas were actually first built for the Olympics when they had them there and that’s what actually put Barcelona on the map.  It was definitely a worthwhile investment because the beaches are amazing.  People watching is really great there too, you see ALL kinds of characters just on the mile long beach walk.  I ended up going on another bike tour of Barcelona the last full day we were there.  I went with Fat Tire Bike Tours again because I am seriously in love with their tours.   It is so great riding a bike through an amazing city and you get to see SOOOO much more by bike than just walking around.  You also learn a ton about the city and everything as well.   On the bike tour we stopped at one of the beach restaurants for lunch and it was sooo cool.  The restaurant was actually platforms set up on the beach so it’s like you were eating right on the beach and the food was really good!!  We took another long train from Barcelona to Nice, France (about 11 hrs long) but it is so nice here as well.  We got to Nice at about 8pm so we didn’t really doing any exploring that night.  Today however we covered some serious territory yet again!!  We went up this really amazing Fort area on the top of a mountain which had AMAZING views of the city and of the French Riviera/ seafront.  It also had a great view of the harbour as well which has HUGE yachts!!  Tomorrow we are hopefully going to head out to Monaco and see some of the beaches out there as well as possibly go to the famous Monte Carlo Casino.  We might try our luck at the Casino and see if we can get back some of the money we’ve spent on traveling, haha… probably not though!! 

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