Gabriele – O.E. Adventure 2007 – Canada 0

image1.jpg image10.jpg image11.jpg image12.jpg image13.jpg image14.jpg image15.jpg image21.jpg image16.jpg image17.jpg image18.jpg image19.jpg image2.jpg image22.jpg image23.jpg image24.jpg image25.jpg image26.jpg image27.jpg image28.jpg image29.jpg image3.jpg image30.jpg image31.jpg image32.jpg image33.jpg image34.jpg image35.jpg image36.jpg image37.jpg image38.jpg image39.jpg image4.jpg image40.jpg image41.jpg image5.jpg image6.jpg image7.jpg image8.jpg image9.jpg image49.jpg image50.jpg image51.jpg image52.jpg image53.jpg image54.jpg image55.jpg image56.jpg image57.jpg image58.jpg image59.jpg image60.jpg image61.jpg image63.jpg image64.jpg image65.jpg image66.jpg image67.jpg image68.jpg image69.jpg image75.jpg image70.jpg image71.jpg image72.jpg image73.jpg image74.jpg image76.jpg image77.jpg image78.jpg

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Hey Gaye! Great pictures. It’s always amazing for me, how different the trip looks like from someone’s other’s perspective 🙂

19 Aug 2007
What a great set of photos! I occasionally wondered if you and I were in the same place — but then there I was in a snap!
I really enjoyed getting to know you. Maybe we could bike another trip sometime.
Thanks again for sending the photos.

18 Aug 2007
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posted Friday August 2007