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Saturday November 24 2007
– My first blog!

In April 2007
, I was facing the end of university life and dreading the thought of having to go out into the ‘big wide world’ of work! Now was a better time than others to just go and do something completely different (from what all my friends were doing). I decided to do a TEFL and to teach in Greece.

Why Greece?

I had always been interested in the classical history of the country, so I felt that it would be a good place to spend a year and to explore.

I moved here 3 months ago now and am teaching in Pyrgos, the capital of the prefecture of Helias. Or, the bottom end of nowhere in the Western Peloponnese.

Pyrgos is like the Milton Keynes of Greece, there is nothing of culture here it is essentially a place where people live and work. There are some really nice features to the town though. The central square is very pleasant, there are lots of coffee places, and nearby are some good bars. The shopping here is fantastic also. I know Pyrgos has a reputation here in Greece and I can see how it got the reputation of being ‘rough’, the streets are dirty, there are lots of tramps etc. But it is a pleasant town, just after spending 3 years in London a big shock!!!

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