Gringos in Goofy Hats South America Tour 2008 16 October 2008 – Peru 7

Our first stop is Lima Peru.  We flew from LAX to Miami and caught a red eye to Lima arriving on Thursday at 5am…Got to our hotel and went looking for desayuno…Rita took out way too much money from the ATM (1 Soles = 3 USD…but i think i had it backwards) and left her card in the machine…luckily, it was still there when she went back for it on Saturday.  that would have sucked bad. 

Nice view from our room…love those points

First day we went out and walked alot…RJ got chased around by a crazy person who wanted to step on his feet…if only i had the camera…Rita was way agro from work and the flight but luckily there were plenty of margaritas available.  Went to bed early on Thursday night….

Nice view of the ocean from in front of our hotel…Lovers Park…not sure how it got the name…

Cool slide….some kids proceeded to pour rocks down as i was sliding too.  They love americans here.

A nice church (one of about a million) near our hotel…

Whos my B****?   another reason Rita was agro…

Friday we did more walking and found a good Cerviche place for lunch…Peruvians and Lima’ans are very proud of their cerviche (its the best in the world!).  Ritas colleague Victor who lives in Lima recommended it and it was good!  Thanks Victor. 

RJ thought this was a cool car…

She didnt think it was as funny as we did.

RJ taking take to smell the flowers…

Freeman, this ones for you…

Cracka-ass Cracka

They bolt everything down here….seriously

Friday night we went shopping for something to wear out that night and met up with Victor and Gwendi for dinner at another nice restaurant where we sampled Peruvian food which consists of beef hearts, stuffed potatoes, tamales and kebabs. 

RJ, Rita, Gwendi and Victor

Lima was ok, its kinda like any other big city….but its nice to be on vacation….We had a flight on Saturday to Cuzco Peru at 12:35….for which we arrived around 11:55…apparently they run a really tight ship at LAN and the computers would not let us board….also, it appears that LAN employees are forbidden from making any decisions themselves and must obey all computerized commands.  So, instead of letting us board the plane….they conferred amongst themselves for about an hour until we were in danger of missing the next flight…actually, all that happened during that time was them waiting for a phone call from some unknown but all powerful LAN god to tell them what to do.  The call never came, and instead Rita bought 2 new tickets for the next flight.   Our first experience with the Peruvian travel industry was not our last unfortunately….

Posted from Peru:

posted Thursday October 2008