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Heading to London

Today was a hectic day; my visa to the United Kindom was finally approved. I will be leaving tomorrow the 8th of December, for London. I will be attending the Capacity Building for Community Wireless Connectivity in Africa Phase 2 planning meeting. I also plan on doing a presentation on Drupal or the Freedom Box.

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A day in Hong Kong

I landed up at Hong Kong airport at about 6.25am as scheduled. The first thing on my mind was getting a smoke not that I needed one, bust just that I was tried and wanted to unwind before calling Cookie. I had to travel to the other end of the airport to find the smoking room, which was good in a way cause they also had wireless internet access close by.

I signed up for internet access which was about $8 USD for an hour. I had to do this because the phones refused to accept my credit card, and I was not planning on converting any money into HKD. So I signed up and called Cookie using Skype (felt kinda bad since I had to wake him up this early). I spoke to him and told him I will be moving towards immigrations soon. We decided to meet up in 45 mins at the McDonalds out side.

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Final hours in San Francisco

These are my final hours in San Francisco, I never thought I would miss the city and the people this much. Even though I have been here for just eight months, it feels like forever. I know that I am going to be back soon, really soon. Letting go of people or places has never been my forte.

I am going to miss those mission burretos, the corona’s, and most of all the 21st Amendment a block away from office; its going to be a while before I get to have another Southpark Blond or a 21A IPA.

I feel really bad when I had to hand over my access card, cause that meant that I would not be able to enter office without it. The last time I left I still had it. Which gave me a sense of momentary belonging. There have been a lot of good time and bad at LookSmart. Even though I will be working for them from India or Hong Kong, its not going to be the same. Going to miss swinging by the food cube, to check if any one left any chocolates or goodies.

San Francisco Travel

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Hong Kong here I come

I got up early today, to clean up my apartment and pack my bags. Since I had a couple hours on my hand I decided to message Cookie and see what he was up to. Since he lives in HK I thought it would be cool to meet up since I have a pretty long stop over.

Since he can not enter the airport I decided to see if I could leave it. He found a page on the HK Govt’s site which said I could stay there for 14 days without a passport. Now all I have to do is, land up there speak to Cathey Pacific to change my flight ticket from HK to MUM.

If all goes well I will be spending a couple days in HK, prolly travel around and visit some clubs, and if I am really lucky Cookie may be DJ’in at some club 🙂

Hong Kong Travel

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Coffeee Day at Bangalore

I started this blog with the intention to bash the Coffee Days at Bangalore… I jotted down two reasons why they suck, just then the waiter walks up to me and checks my phone out. He then tells me why would some one use a phone to connect to the internet when they can use Wifi. I look in amazement, and plug off the phone =) whoo hoo! 128kbps unmetered internet connection from Sify.

They tell me almost all the Coffee Days in Bangalore are wifi enabled =) Just hope the ones in Bombay go Wifi soon so I can work and have good coffee all day 😀

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Roadtrip to Kashid

Kashid is definitely one of the best beaches on the Konkan coastal strip of Maharashtra. It has pure white sand and the surf that breaks here is excellent. And its not really crowded which makes it even better. Its one of the best weekend getaways…

Kashid is approx 135 km from Mumbai, but due to our poor map reading skills we did approx 200 km before we reached. We took around 6 hours to get there. Managed to catch some sleep in the car.

Reached about 8 pm, had a pretty hard time finding a hotel. We finally found one which costed us about Rs. 900. but was not worth more than Rs. 400. The stay here is pretty expensive… and the food in this place is also not all that good…


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