Inter-Railing Europe ’07 – Italy 1

hello followers i am afraud to notify you that chief blogger sergeant tippetts cannot update you on our most recent excursions around euroupe. BUT he has left you in the very capable hands of Adam and Patrick… OH dear! currently we are still situated in Fair Verona… well we are. As charlie and Tommy have gone for a romantic day trip including a serenade along the charming / unfortunately smelly cannals of venice. We instead have chosen to mull over some enchanting books and sup on delightful exspresso’s in a lovely quaint caffe on the promenade awaiting their return.

Posted from Italy:

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Must be reaally expensive in Italy after eastern europe.
Enjoy your trip

09 Aug 2007
Do you still have Charlie with you?? hope its going well boys! got some funny stories from la manga for you when your back! keep going remember tiz no pain no gain!
Crumpy x x x

19 Jul 2007

17 Jul 2007
Phil Ghazala
R u sure they were full or do they just remember the name Tippetts from a trip made by your father? Have a great time. Cheers Philx

17 Jul 2007
Hi GuysAt least you’ll be able to empathise with the homeless now! Rozx

17 Jul 2007
sorry you got nowhere to stay; did you get my text re Paul? He would love to see you ; if youhave no time perhpas you could ring him and tell him that you’ve moved on etc.
The Rheistag must be quite cool at night with no one around; in the old days the East German guards would probably have taken a pot shot or two!Dadx

17 Jul 2007
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posted Thursday August 2007