ISRAEL – Israel 4

Apparently you can’t see my photos unless I put them in a blog so I’m adding these pictures just for your viewing pleasure. I think this is in Safat but I honestly can’t remember. The days are all mushing together. I think it is so cool how these people live, though. someone’s balcony is someone else’s roof…because they have to scale the houses up the mountains. It is very interesting architecture.

Western Wall… For those of you who don’t know, the Western wall has a big divider and the men can go on one side and the women on the other and they are not allowed to cross over to each other’s side. This is obviously the women’s side and women of all shapes, ages, sizes and backgrounds come to pray even for just 5 minutes before running off to do the next thing. It becomes part of these womens’ daily lives and for some of them, their whole lives. The Kotel, as it is called in Hebrew, is a magnificent place to experience firsthand.
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posted Tuesday May 2006