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Hi everyone!Yesterday I spent my final day with a girl from the tour. Marissa, a radiologist from the Philippines, and I took theArcheobus tour south into the old, Roman ruins and aquaducts, and we stopped and toured the Catacombs of San Callisto. We went WAY down into the earth into narrow mazes of empty tombs which were attacked hundreds of years ago by barbarians, and emptied of the valuable jewels & gold. When it came time for questions while still DEEPbetween rock walls only about 3′ wide in the earth, I asked if the guide knew the way out! People laughed, thinking I was joking, but I wasn’t! It was scary!! Marissa felt like “spirits” were going to come out of the empty tombs…like I said, we make a great pair!! Today, Marissa and I parted, and I am just vegging out. After sitting alone with acappuchino, map and guide book in hand (in the middle of busy Rome), I have decided that I do not like being alone!Fortunately, I met a nice kid/guy here at the dorm (from Seattle) who is going to Pompeii tomorrow & invited me along.I’m sure he sensed my insecurity, so we will take the bus to Naples very early & then the “Circumvesuviana” train from there…total 3 hours south of Rome. He is continuing on to do some camping in Sicily, but I am ready to see “family” so skipping Sicily…with no regrets. I will return to the dorm here for one more night, and then head east by train toCastel di Sangro. While here in Rome I have seen so much art & architecture that my mind is blurry from over-feed!I really hope that “coin trick” at the Trevi Fountain works, because I would love to return here with someone who is a seasoned traveler…so much better that way. The weather has been great; however, more cloudy today, with just a fewsprinkles…a good day to recuperate. Tomorrow will be a full day in Pompeii. If it clears a little I’ll go to one of thefountains and just soak in the atmosphere! The fountains are magical!! Must close for now. love you all! Ciao, ciao! Mom

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posted Wednesday March 2007