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When I used to jog and then power-walk, before my knees said no, I noticed that I still would get slightly winded going up a long flight of stairs. These days, I climb 42 stairs to my apartment, several times a day; 75 steps to my office; and probably 75 to one of my classrooms. I think Im noticing a training effect already. Sure to dissipate when I return to no-walk Detroit.


Im going to Yangshuo as I mentioned earlier, leaving Sunday night. The schedule is definitely intended for college students, not me.. Leave 9 pm,, arrive 4 or 5 am and take a boat ride to see the sunrise (beautiful river). Then a hike on a mountain. Lunch and visit a cave, I think, then dinner and hit the bars on West Street. Next day, a bike ride, lunch, and then I think a water park. There was mention of squirting each other with water pistols. Think anyonell shoot Grandma? After more bar-hopping, the students will get back on the bus for an overnight trip back to Guangzhou and Ill stay another night and go back Wed. night with the next batch of students.  As I said, I must be crazy.


Yesterday, a student came to my class who had missed the first class. She was older and seemed to have very little English. (Of course, she wasnt as old as me.) I found myself feeling quite dismissive of her, and impatient. Later, I realized I had described myselfan older woman who cant speak the language! Lucky for me the Chinese folks dont take the attitude I did. Many seem to relish the opportunity to speak English with anyone; several students have offered to help me in various ways, and Ive taken them up on it.

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posted Wednesday September 2007