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Ok so i have finally booked and confirmed that i shall be flying away in 3 days… nerves in my stomach fluttering around like butterflies… thinking of the amazing and perhaps frightening things, thati may yet have to experience. Not sure why i am nervous this time around.. i have done so much traveling and yet now as i am older i am more nervous…

Ah such are the common virtues of life!

This will be a sanctuary where u can all read on my travels and perhaps feel like u r all their with me.

So the destinations are TURKEY, CROATIA, FRANCE, SPAIN & NEW YORK…. perhaps MONTENEGRO.. undecided 🙂

Im so exited i could jump up and down screaming… but quietly my stomach churns…

Wish i could have my close friends with me.. but i guess things dont always work out the way u want them to.. so come along and see my journeys as i learn about new cultures and civilizations, experience new people and mentalities, unique languages and cuisines, climates and panoramas, and how i journey through finding my own character as a person..

so i guess buckle up and il keep u posted 😛

Peace Out!! God Bless… and wish me well 😛


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21 Jan 2007

21 Jan 2007
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