Jenn – Jenn’s Trip to Spain! – Spain 11

Hey everyone –

So it’s been hard to keep this updated because I am so busy all the time!  I finished my first week of my intensive spanish class – it’s not too hard, but good practice speaking spanish!  I added some pictures below:  They are pictures of el Parque Maria Lousia, las jardines de Alcazar, la Plaza de Espana and el Torre de Oro.  As you can see from the pictures, the weather is gorgeous!  It has been in the seventies this past weekend! 

We went to the ruins in Carmona – we were supposed to see the famouns ruins of Italica, but I think there were some protests occuring there so we couldn’t go!  Below are the pictures from the city of Carmona – again another beautiful city! 

I have many projects/homework/exams this upcoming week, so I should be busy keeping up with that, but me and some friends will be traveling to the City of Granada next weekend and hopefully see the Sierra Nevada mountains (the highest mountains in Spain).

Overall, the people of Sevilla are very nice.  I feel very safe here for the most part as well.  I’ve become confident navigating my way through the city!  Many of the locals get a kick out of talking with you – the spaniards like when you try and speak with them! 

Again, my family is awesome here 🙂  They always have family over, and seem to enjoy spending time together.  I’m learning to understand them better, although they speak extremely fast and appear to cut a lot of their words off.  They feed us very well – they love bread here, its amazing!  The family also has a house in the country side right outside of Sevilla where they grow their own produce – so we get fresh produce daily! 

Well I’m off to bed – I will be getting up semi-early to do a run around the city and parks before class!  By the way – it stays dark in the morning until 8-8:30ish – it makes it a bit difficult to wake up in the morning!

Hope most of you are enjoying the freezing cold weather 🙂  More updates and pictures to come soon!

Posted from Spain:

posted Sunday January 2008