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18 Jan 2008

Hum, this seems like a good idea. thanks bex!!

well, we’ve got about 3 months left in England before we carry on our adventures in Indonesia. So the plan of action as so far seems to be that we start our journey at the end of April, flying to Jakarta…(not by choise….Jakarta, as we found is not the most friendly and safe cities you could find your self in) then bucket it down to Bali, grap ourselfs a flight to Lombok, then the beautiful ride over to Gili trawangan by public boat…(a canano). jobs a gooden. Were hoping to become Dive Masters in about a month and a half, then off we pop again on our way to some of the most amazing places in the Indonesian Archipelago of 17,500 islands. Iam really hoping we can go to Rinca and Kamodo, go see some lovely dragons and hopefully do some of the dives there. Manta’s, fingers crossed!!

So thats the plan, just hope we can get enough money together, then the worlds our oister!!

till then, xxx

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