Kathleen Greece 16 June 2008 – Turkey 2


I just finished writing a 3 page paper, and I’m tired so this might be brief.

Yesterday we went back to the Acropolis for the 3rd time. This time we went to the top and discussed the Erechtheum, it’s to the north of the Parthenon. There stands the very same olive tree that has been standing since antiquity. Well, it was burned during WWII, but it’s roots remained and regrew, so close enough. After we were done with our lecture I decided to check out some of the museums. I checked out the Jewelry Museum, which has some amazing pieces, especially an elaborate exhibition of 1800 costume jewelry. I think Gramma would have really liked it. Then I went over to the Folk Art Museum, where they keep all the traditional dresses. The craftsmanship is absolutely incredible, but the dresses seem soo heavy and must be very hot to wear. For lunch we got chicken and potatoes, one of my favorites dishes that you make Mom. I am loving this Greek food. Later I took a siesta then dabbled in the nightlife around Monastiraki.

Today we got up and headed to the Kerameikos which was an ancient cemetary. There are some pertty elaborate tomb markers, different than how we mark graves today. After we headed over to the Greek Agora and took at look at the Temple of Hephaestos, which still has its roof and is the best example of what a temple looked like. We didn’t get to see the prison where Socrates was held, but we did see the place where he died. It’s right in front of some train tracks. Today for lunch we got fish, and it was good, but I got a bone in one of my pieces. I decided to do some laundry, the hold fashioned way – by hand. What a task! I’m not doing anything exciting tonight, I’ll leave that tomorrow for our trip to Santorini!

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posted Thursday June 2008