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Im afraid things have been really busy lately, so I havent been able to post.  They havent been bad busy, but rather a good busy, filled with exciting times.  This means Ive got an awful lot of catching up to do, but Ill try my best here.  Here are some of the super highlights.


Quicksilver/ Roxy Pro


Heaps of the worlds best surfers 20 minutes from my living arrangement + gorgeous weather and perfect surf= one amazing weekend!  Okay, this was unbelievable.  Ill be posting a ton of pictures including some of current world champion Mick Fanning, wunderkind Jordy Smith, and former champions Kelly Slater and Taj Burrows.  Ive got to say, all of these guys can really rip.  They made it look so easy.  The roxy pro featured several girls who also tore up the surf.  16- year-old Carissa Moore was phenomenal.  She beat world champion Steph Gilmore and advanced all the way to the semi-finals as the final seed.  She qualified as a wild card!  The surfing format was basically surf as many waves as you can in twenty minutes, and your best two runs count towards your score.  Carissa Moore was the only surfer to receive a perfect ten on any one wave, but Jordy Smith and Taj Burrows had heat scores over 19 on 20 point scale.  I thought Jordy really ripped it up with the sheer ferocity of his runs, and hes actually younger than I am.  Taj also had a sweet run where he completed about 15 tricks in ten seconds, then rested a little bit on the wave before finishing the run with about 20 more sweet manoeuvres.  Now, I know what you guys are thinking, were the female surfers at the Roxy Pro unbelievably good looking?  Well, I have to say that although none of them could compare to my Emily, there were a few lookers.  Amy Donohoe may have won the prize for most bizarre, and eventual champion Sofia Milanovich had my vote for least attractive.  Still, I have a few pics of the gals, and Ill let you guys be the judge.  


Aside from the surf competition, there was an entire side show in the crowd.  The location at Snapper Rocks was sweet.  Tons of fans from the crowd would paddle out on boards or climb on the rocks to get closer to the action.  The rocks also had several all natural pools, which acted like whirlpools whenever waves came crashing in.  There was also a section actually called the whirlpool.  Waves flowed in from two opposite directions causing the water to churn almost continually.  It was also very deep there, so people would dive in and just float around in the currents.  I jumped in and swam against the current until I found myself right by where the surfers where catching the waves.  Basically, the whole experience was amazing for everyone involved.  The crowd was going crazy watching the surfers and the whole beach was just packed.  Not much better than sun, sand and surf.  Which was why the next weekend we boys planned a trip down the coast surfing.  Unfortunately, I think that will have to be another post.

Click to see the Photo!Kelly Slater- Best American surfer ever, arguable the best surfer ever.

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Denis Axen
Hi Kellen !
Grandma and and I have enjoyed your blog. It sounds as though you are having a really good learning experience. You have given us a good idea of what it is like in Aussie-land. Good on ya, mate.

08 Apr 2008
Wow kellen thats great sounds so fun it sounds like you really love it over there im glad your having a good time cant wait to here all about it at christmas time

29 Mar 2008
Mrs. Axen’s Class
Polo Man said thanks for the kangaroo pics is that snake you got your self wraped in real?
Cherry Pie wants to know how you got so close to that wambat, kangaroos,and the kawala bears? bye.
Yoshi Man loves the wombat pics ( I hope I dont get bit by a wombat!)
Squeakers Man thank you for the girls picture please send more girls pictures.

12 Feb 2008
denis axen
Kellen, Grandma and I have really enjoyed your blog. We’ve also shared it with several other people. I am impressed with your writing- you are good at turning a phrase as “us writers” would say. You have that indefinable knack of easy familiarity with language.

23 Jan 2008
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