Ken#s Orient Express Ride – Hungary 10

Hello Everyone

We have reached Budapest, essentially one half way through the ride in terms of both riding days (22 of 42) and distance (1,200 of 2500 miles).  In one month we have polished off France, Germany, Austria and Slovakia!!! 

Riding after Vienna has not been as interesting or beautiful as it was through France, Germany and Austria.  We did a short one day (40 mile) ride from Vienna to Bratislava, Slovakia.  The town was much nicer than I expected.  Great old down town area with many pubs, restaurants, etc.  Lots of people on the streets and in the pedestrian areas.  We had great Italian food, and then a surprisingly good meal at the restaurant in our little hotel.  The restaurant opened only for our riders, and only 6 of us took advantage of it.  Everything was cooked to order, and delicious.

From Bratislava we rode to Gyor, Hungary.  A nice small town.  Then two more days of riding to Budapest.  Have not seen much of the town yet, had to take care of more mundane things like laundry (I can now ask for a laundromat in French, German, Slovakian and Hungarian), a hair cut and internet.  I am posting this blog entry while waiting for my clothes to dry. 

If I can find a usb cable for my camera I will post some pictures next time I do an entry.

We have two days in Budapest, so plenty of time for more sight seeing.

I feel younger and healthier than I have for many years. 


Posted from Hungary:

posted Wednesday July 2007