Kim and Suzys whirlwind tour – USA 3

Hi Kimbo and Suzie. Oh! it sound like u r having a marvelous time – the food sounds great and please have a beer every day for me as it is sowarm. I suppose you knw that it has been freezing here, so i yearn for the warmth. Thank uoui for allowing Hank and I to be part of your special day we had a great time. I look beautiful now but eating is still a problem so jelly has become a big part of the diet. Keep enjoying your adventures and give the yanks hell talk to you both soon Love Yvonne xxxx

THanks Yvonne. I was hoping you were recieving the travelblog. Your email, keeps bouncing back so i sent the connection to Alisha to forward onto you, which she obviously did. xxxx


Well we are in Vegas at present and cant write for long as we are getting ready to see the Rolling Stones tonight at the MGM Grand. Went down there today to check it out and the merchandise queue went for about a mile. Bonnie Rait is backing them up which we both love so that is a bonus. Went out on the strip all night last night. It just gets bigger and bigger. It is like jumping into a time warp but so far ahead in the future and then back again. It is definately Disneyland for adults as it is often described. Off to see Celine Dion tomorrow at Caesars Palace.

We have met so many wonderful people and have already recieved emails from them. Catching up with an Aussie and a Kiwi in San Francisco when we get there. Weather is cooler here which is good as we are trying to walk as much as we can to get rid of the weight we both put on when aboard the Bloat Boat. Well better go. Hope everyone is well.


Posted from USA:

posted Sunday November 2006