MandB’s african adventure – Kenya 13

Righty ho everybody, the final installment of the Moreton Sisters Chapter of our trip We have some more great shots from our time in Ngorongoro Crater (including the frisky Ostrich and monkeys who broke into the car and stole our bread despite the whooping Dinko). After the crater we made our way back to Dar, via the Usumbara Mountains where we stayed at a great little farm (Irente Farm) which made its own cheese, bread, fruit juice cereal and jams mmmmmmmm Whilst there we went for a walk to the famous Irente View Point on the one day a year that it is shrouded in mist!

After we got back to Dar we headed to Zanzibar where we spent a couple of days on Kendwa Beach (North Zanzibar) to top up the girls tans before they headed back to old blighty. Our last night was spent in the Dhow Palace, a very posh hotel in Stone Town, with pool, aircon, roof top restaurant, Rosemary and Thyme on telly need we say any more. It was our wedding pressie from Dinks thank you Dinko it was brill!!!

After that we headed back to Dar and the girls flew home, leaving two very sad truckers behind. It was great to have both of them with us, reminded us of all our wonderful friends back home. We are now in Keeeeeeeeeeenya, but you will have to wait for the next blog for that one. Love us
Posted from Kenya:

posted Thursday December 2006