MandB’s african adventure – Lithuania 15

Hi all, are you sitting comfortably? then we shall begin.

Next update starts in northern mozambique; Pemba, where we spent a few days on the beach chilling, and waiting for full moon so that we could embark on our2 day border crossing adventure (needed the tides to be high so that the vehicle ferry would beable to carry us and the car across the Ruvuma River into Tanzania). While there we got the beastserviced (see the piccy of M greasing the beast’s nipples!). Also hooked up with a Dutch couple – Florence and Frans who were planning the same route, we travelled in convoy over the border in case of any emergencies (see mums stagg and miners, we are being very careful!)


Had an overnight stop in Mocimboa do Praia, after an 8 hour drive. Been getting very handy with the camping gear, as you can see. Tea in plastic cups and 1-pot stews are our speciality.


The next day we were up and outa there at 7am in order to reach the river in good time for high tide. Had to do some serious 4×4 bush driving (40KM in 2.5 hrs) mainly over sand,with a couple of stream crossings thrown in. M had to wade across the river (1KM) and jump on the back of a wobbly bike for 5KM to thetanzanian border where the ferry man was taking a nap! He arrangedfor the ferry to comeget usin exchange for some paracetamol (and a few dollars) then had to cycle and wade back (on the return journeya local informed him that there are plenty of crocs andhippos in the river..eek). Ferry crossing took 1 hour, port was dug out of the mud bank on each trip.


Arrived in Mikindani in South Tanzania in the dark that evening. Was a lush lush, chilled out, friendly place and so we stayed longer that we had planned. Gate crashed the very posh hotel – old german boma restored – had some very expensive dinner there and chilled out by their pool. This piccy is from the top of thetower.


Drove north over a dreadful bumpy road to Kilwa, old arab ruins on island. Very very beautiful and atmospheric, got all arty with the camera.


Another awful road up to Dar from Kilwa, this time in the pouring rain, oh joy. Car and we survived tho (3.5hrs for 54 km… lots of big puddles like this one)

Atlast, we have arrived in Dar, at the airport this very mo, waiting for dinko and becca… v v excited. Here’s a couple of piccies of us in the campsite on the beach that we’ve been staying in, and matt and Frans doing some ‘post-awful-roads’ car maintainance.

Love you all lots, til next time

Posted from Lithuania:

posted Tuesday November 2006