Mandy does the world! – Australia 13

i have today ditched the mobile sauna and checked into a lovely hotel with air con and sea view! much more me!I am leaving aus tomorrow 5 days earlier than planned! it is now the rainy season so not only is it really hot but its alsopissing down!! deep joy! the van was awful – i have never been so hot a sweaty in bed on my own before!i have been on a tallship round the whitsunday islands which was good met a load of people so at least i had people to talk to!it was pretty but if you hear of a strange siting in the area of an unknown water mamal – it was me in an attractive stinger suit!no there are no pics it will be in my mind forever and don’t feel you would benefit from it!the first night i was sleeping on deck and the rain and wind started – a couple of us stayed on deck as it least it was cooler than below! the second nighta welsh bloke decided to get really pissed and then at 3 jump into the sea! – with the stingers, baby sharks, dolphin and the 3 metre sea snake we had just seen!he was saved and shouted at – so only got 3 hours sleep that night too!! I have got a great tan and feel that due to the sweating i am doing must be shrinking all over! sum up of aus – Sydney is a beautiful city but as for the rest of it…………miles and miles of F**k all – apart from the dead kangaroos on the side of the road that stink!looking forward to NZ at least it will be cooler and Tracey is there!keep in touch and belive me i was envious of the cold weather i heard you are having whilst i was in the van!

Posted from Australia:

posted Wednesday January 2007