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Saturday November 17 2007

Grass valley was a hoot. Lots of places for riding and the weather was phenomenal. Visited some friends that we met in Brookings Oregon and also ran into some others that wereparked beside us in Mendocino. Beware the ticks in this area as we were constantly picking them off Kylies ears.

This is a Bronze Statue at the Fairgrounds.

Yuba River Bridge

Marc went on a road ride and came across this old Wells Fargo transfer station.

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Mitch Moser
Hi Marc & Bev, We looked on your blog for the hotel but you didn’t mention the name. Hope all is well. we will be heading into SF for a few days on Wed. If you know the hotel name let us know. Mitch

05 Nov 2007
I’m in Palo Alto and heading heading north on Wednesday. Love to see you – where might you be” We will be in Harbin Hot Springs Lake County Wednesday thru Friday – Healdsburg on Saturday. Jo and Steve

23 Oct 2007
Well, we are back and i guess we “crossed paths”, We just about could have spit on you from where we were. The Sommer clan all says hello. We got to see the old camp grounds, old fishing holes, the old Lagunitas School that we went to in 1947, 1948, 1949………….Hope all is well

luv r

07 Oct 2007
Following along, makes mewant to travel again, short note better at reading rather than typing and spellink. Whereare the golf pics.

05 Oct 2007
Poor Kylie! I hope you will at least recover some of the vet bills from that woman. I like the “Bad Day Book” in the background!

12 Sep 2007
Hi Kids: what a joy to see your shots of the trip down the Oregon coast. Reminds me of many happy times down there. Hope you get a chance to hang out at Humbug Mtn. State Park – one of the nicest on the coast. Living vicariously through you.

10 Sep 2007
Hi you guys,
great photos, looks like a good trip. thanks for your email and the link to this site. three beautiful white geese have shown up on the street, wandering around, so we’ve put them in your garden. Just kidding…..
we miss you.

08 Sep 2007
Linda Parkinson
Great pictures, looks like you’re having far too much fun! Keep it up,
luv Linda P.

04 Sep 2007
Great photos! Keep it up, looks like a great trip so far (except for maybe the first-aid part).
Thanks for the updates, I will keep looking.

03 Sep 2007
Hi Marc………….
Is Bev really on this trip with you or not!! Lets see a picture of Her as well.luv r

02 Sep 2007
Rosemary Eilerts
Hi Bev and Marc – Darcy told me about your blog so I had a peek – sounds like a great trip and glad you are getting out there! Miss you at lunch time. Cheers for now, Rosemary.

31 Aug 2007
Hi….. i guess i lost my other comments, oh well the whole point of the exercise was to wish you well.
luv r

24 Aug 2007
Hi Guys
Checked in to your blog tonight. Pictures and stories are great. Keep it up . . .house and garden looking good . . I’m off to Victoria for some paddling this weekend. Cheers Jo

16 Aug 2007
Darcy Hockin
I love your blog. Make sure to keep it up so we can see what your are up to. I am so envious Bev. I wish that we would have had time to chat, but you have a good time and keep sending pictures.

01 Aug 2007
Beverly G.

14 Jul 2007
Looking forward to following your adventures!

13 Jul 2007
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog

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