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Hotel life for a couple of nights.  Found a great location to stay as we are close to the ocean (less than 5 mintues walking), the zoo, huge park along the lake and the trolley cars (don’t know what people here call them) go right by the hotel.   Took the trolly downtown (goes from above ground to underground at West Port to Embarcadaro where all the happening stuff begins along the bay) to see the sights of downtown San Francisco today (ride is about 40 minutes from the hotel). 

Of course – can’t miss the original cable cars (which only make one route … up & down one steep street).  There are now a few automated replicas with tour guides speaking as your do a two hour tour.

China Town (found a great place for lunch …. they had “happy hour” from 3-4:00).   Laid out on 4-5 tables throughout the small restaurant were plates of chicken, barbequed pork, wings, chow mein, chicken feet, and of course, lots we didn’t recognize.  Each plate was filled with the one type of food (no trimings-just delicious, seasoned protein) and you only pay $2.30 for each plate.  Very reasonable and we were the only caucasians in the restaurant at that time – that’s a good sign isn’t it?

Market Square had various vendors with all types of foods and this unique and talented “drummer.” (Pots and plastic buckets).

Lombard Street (THE windiest street in the city).

And – gotta hope this guy has good parking brakes!

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posted Wednesday October 2007