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Continuing to have sun and approximately 18-20 celsius.  Caspar was the centre of attention this weekend – a large craft fair and market with music.   Caspar has a church and the Caspar Inn (where Marc used to hear musicians like Bonnie Rait, Sonny Terry, Brownie Magee, Ricky Lee Jones …. no coverage charge, and just weekend jamm sessions). 

We will miss it, but next weekend is an abalone cook off…..where each cook entering is to have enough for 200 taste tests.  $12.00 gets you tickets and you get to taste test all the chefs recipes, plus listen to live music and see lots of other venues.

Eucalyptus Groves

Boat Launching Ceremony for “Fierce Leader,” a 75 ton, 63 foot commercial fishboat (apparently with yachtlike refinements inside).  Took two loaded dump trucks hooked to the back of the moving trailer and one in the front to lead it down hwy 20 along the 300 yard route to the harbor.



Enjoying the class reunion group …. we were invited to the most ‘fantastic’ abalone feast last night…. table setting was decorated in an autumn theme, finished the meal with homemade chocolate truffles, homemade biscotti, special coffee, cake and cookies galore.  Every night, we all enjoy this ring of fire and share stories…. gets dark so quickly … 7:25 pm it’s dark.   There might be some diving going on tomorrow …. Bev is going to try to scoop a couple of shells!  They get taken real quick.

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posted Monday October 2007