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Can’t believe it!   It rained this morning!!!! Lasted approximately 20 minutes, got things very muddy and soaked then cleared up and by the afternoon, WINDY.  For the first time we have put the awning up (to keep the mud from tracking in … not a lot of grass in some of these RV sites).  Kylie is one ‘happy’ dog .. got to play frizbee today for a brief time and no more bandages – just have to keep her away from the water so it doesn’t soften and open up the wound.

Mendocino from the other bluffs.

Downtown Mendocino …. we hit a foggy day (we’re apparently lucky, as only once we’ve hit fog since visiting Mendocino).  Marc remembers visiting here and it being cold and foggy.

Old water towers throughout Mendocino .. apparently, they used to have water issues & needed to collect what rain they would get.   Some buildings are now art shops as well as homes of course.

This one has a restaurant on the second level.

Remember those Abalone divers I talked about ?………our senior neighbours went out for about 15 minutes today … using a ‘sit on top’ type of kayak and free diving.


The size ‘before’ pounding.

These are approximately 15 yr old abalones.  They clean & scrub the foot portion and pound the abalone for approximately 3-5 minutes.  Then, slice them thinly and pound them some more prior to cooking …..touching the abalone felt like a tree trunk.  Hard to believe they ‘soften’ up.  Unfortunately, another couple came by and scooped up the shells…..they are absolutely ‘beautiful.’

Our campsite area is surrounded by these monster shells.

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posted Saturday September 2007