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25 Jul 2008

July 4, 2008


To day we went to the Milwaukee Brewers game. The stadium was easy to get to, and we got there early to walk around the park.


OK, we thought we got there early enough, but it seems that in Milwaukee everyone comes early. The parking lot was half full with tailgaters, and the lines were long to get in before the park even opened! A woman that I befriended in line told me that this was the only park that sells more Brats than hot dogs. I believe it since almost every grill in the parking lot had Brats on it. No tri-tips, no steaks or chicken. I didnt even see many dogs! The plaza outside had the usual tribute statues, so Rick mugged for the camera again!


The park is open and airy, but has a roof that also closes when necessary. It doesnt close it completely in, but allows for the field and stands to remain dry.     

Its also in sight of the Miller Brewing Co HQ building across the highway.

We had good seats down the third base side, way up high. It was steep, but there werent any mountain goats hanging about! One thing we both noticed almost immediately was that the crowd was very subdued. It was like they were being polite or something. No one yelling or screaming, and none of the usual buzz one hears when theres a large crowd present. They would cheer when something good happened, but we never had to raise our voices to talk to each other. It was very interesting. The park has an area where the mascot slides down a chute whenever the Brewers hit a home run.

That was fun to see. Another highlight was the sausages races.


Apparently theyre keeping a running tally for the season. I cant believe they can run in those get ups! At one point one of them fell down, but got back up and finished the race. And while the dogs werent anything to write home about, the Brats were out of sight! So tasty and grilled to perfection! I could get into a city thats into sausage! They also had fried cheese curds, and if youve never had the opportunity, then you have to try this culinary delight! Its basically fried cheese balls, but the coating is light and crispy, with the molten cheese all gooey inside. Yum-Oh! And they come in these cute little boats!

I think I ate more at this park than I have on the trip. Everything is so good, and these people love to eat! During the 7th inning stretch, Rick and I noticed that, to date, this is the only park that hasnt added their team in the song Take Me Out to the Ballgame. They actually said home team. I give them a gold star for that!

When we got back, the campground packed even more than before! There were lots of people BBQing and partying. Since we didnt know where to go, we watched the fireworks on TV. There is a huge world music festival going on, and we wished we had known about it before because wed have gone. That would have been a blast. Oh well, we cant do it all!

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posted Friday July 2008