Meet Venezuela – Venezuela 2

I made it to the delegation! The last time I checked in, I was super nervous about making it to Plaza Venezuela to meet up with the delegation. Alan, my friend, was being super slow about getting things done and it took us forever to leave his neighborhood. His mom washed my clothes for me while we ate breakfast, then we went to the centro to say goodbye to my Belgian friends but they ended up coming with us back to the barrio, then we got stuck in a market for a really long time because we all wanted to buy music and I needed some clothes. Finally, we made it back to Alan’s house to say goodbye to everyone. Alan’s mom was so sweet but in a really religious way. She rubbed holy oil on my hands and forehead so that I would be strong in actions and mind. I was touched by the ceremony but it was awkward when she kept trying to tell me to spread the word of god to my friends and family in the US. She even emphasised that I should pray a LOT for our president because he has done so many wretched things. Anyway, we then took a lot of pictures with Alan’s cousins who were super nice to me the whole time and ran to the internet place. At that point, Alan started going in slow motion and it was getting dark. I was supposed to be at the hotel before sundown but it was already beyond that when we made it to the plaza. Then, we got lost for like 1/2 an hour and I got pissed. Finally we made it to the hotel and there wasn’t even anyone there. I felt relieved that everyone else was later than I was. That night I went out with the Belgian guys and Alan and 2 other Venezuelan friends. It was kind of a las hurrah because now I am into the serious mode of the delegation. The girls are really fun and we all have a lot in common. The leaders are amazing, smart, and energetic. ok, we are going out to breakfast now, so hasta luego.

Posted from Venezuela:

posted Monday July 2007