Meet Venezuela – Venezuela 8

We are still around the Caracas area because the guy from the hotel convinced us to stay by offering to be our tour guide. His name is Alan and he knows the area really well. Yesterday we went into Caracas via microbus. A year and a half ago there were torrential rains and it wiped out a large area of barrios and a huge bridge. Something like 10,000 people died and tons more lost their homes. On our way into the city, we saw how they were still recovering and we passed over the new bridge that was just inaugurated a week ago. When we looked deep into the valley below the bridge, we could see the old road that people had been using since the disaster. I imagine it WAY longer to get into the city because it was only 2 lanes (and super curvey) and the bridge was 6.

 Anyway, we got dropped off right in the downtown area and went around to see the national palace and the central plaza. We checked out a couple of book stores and drank a coffee (riquisimo). At that point I think our guide was a little bored so he offered to take us out to play pool. The music in this bar was so loud that I could hardly hear anything when we walked out. It was a really nice time though because we got to know Alan a lot better. Then we headed back to the hotel because he had to work at 8pm.

 This morning we didnt get an early enough start to make it to Choroni before nightfall, so we headed a little farther east to check out the beaches where Alan lives with his family. It took us a solid hour to get here but it was worth it because the beaches are like nothing I have ever seen. There are quite a few people but its like everyone just stopped whatever they were doing to go dive in before they go back to work or school or whatever. Its great. We just ate lunch and plan to spend the afternoon by the pool.

 So far, its all about travelling, so I really need to get down to finding interviews. For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing a research project about democracy and the state of politics in Venezuela. I plan to interview as many people as I can (at least 15) about how they feel about democracy and politics here with Chavez. I just gotta make a final draft of my questions.

ok, were out for now.

Posted from Venezuela:

posted Tuesday July 2007