Today is when we really begin our pilgrimage. We’re currently on the road; going to Miami!

We woke up bright and early, and our rental car was delivered to us at the hotel, $40.00 a day to rent, and it can be returned in Miami. =) The monk, the knight, and myself got a free breakfast at the Kawada hotel. It was really good! While at breakfast, we met yet another person to join us on our road trip. It was obvious that this woman had been through a lot of adversity, and the three of us made a unanimous decision to let her join us on our pilgrimage. She was ecstatic!

She’s known as the Wife Of Bath, and according to others, she has the reputation of a whore. Because we are so nice, we’re looking past the rumors and giving her a chance to prove herself. She’s a big woman, and says that she is an awesome weaver. She’s used to travelling, for she has been a lot of places…..

Posted from USA:

posted Tuesday November 2007