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Hi everyone, Well, here I am ~ in Panama, living here and travelling.  I settled here from the UK and want to get in touch with anyone who is thinking of relocating to the wonderful country.  Being English, I have a lot of empathy with Europeans though my Amwerican friends would say I am open to everyone.  I am retired Policeman from the Greater Manchester area but any retire Police from anywhere… please get in touch.  I will write more later but, get in touch at lambda.mi@gamil.com

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Michael Boase
Okay, so I’ve found this page now so I can tell you a little more. I am from the UK, near Manchester in fact, and retired from the GMP some years ago now. I relocated here with my wife back in August. The map shows Panama City in Florida which is this sites assumption but I’m talking about the proper Panama, the country. I now live in a small place called Gualaca in Chiriqui Province in Panama and I overlook the Pacific Ocean. I will still be carrying on my business which is lambda-mi, put the w’s before this and the dot com after it to check out the site. The business is focussed on personal development and EQ emotional intelligence and I’m hoping to provide the services to the Hotels and Tourism trades here. For anyone looking to relocate, retire or holiday I can’t recommend this place enough. If anyone has any questions you can contact me offline at lambda.mi at the gmail dot com address. For the person who responded to my first posting [from flightbay] yes, I am really a retired Police Officer from Manchester. Get in touch offline. Once I get used to this site [because its not easy or very user friendly] I will post more info and some piccies. For now, keep watching and thinking because this place is aspirational to live an authentic life ~ truly. Michael

16 Dec 2007
Are you really a retired policeman from manchester?

16 Dec 2007
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