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Heres a quick summary of my trip to Bahrain for HITBSecConf2005:

The Hotel. Its called Taj Palace, probably a two-star hotel somewhere near the outskirts of Manama City. The hotel rocked, and I mean it in its literal sense. It rocked, yo! For two days straight, Iron Maiden was the muzak du jour. Nevermind the fact that the hotels tap water was salty, or that they do not provide any kinds of complimentary items such as coffee or tea, but hell, they got Iron Maiden for you. Manama City. The city-centre itself is nice, and shows signs of rapid development. The outskirts are littered with rows of uneven shoplots, and most shops are no more than 1010 square feet in size. There arent much greens (duh, its the Middle East yo!). And the buildings” Theyre just different shades of sand-yellow. Havent they heard of Nippon Paint or Dulux” The chix0rs. What” The pizza. The best part of this trip was probably eating pizza. Samih Bakery, near Taj Palace is a small pizza shop, and the pizza was fuck-kau-damn nice! The people. Bahrain is made of up of mostly Bahrainians (duh), Indians and Pakistanis. Theres quite a number of Filipinos as well. And they drive fuck-kau-damn nice cars. Including Satria. I kid you not. Heres the thing though – being a first timer to Middle East, I find it difficult to differentiate one Arabian from another, especially when all of them are wearing galabiyyas and that thing around their heads. The con. What con” The money. 1 dinar == RM 0.10. What more can I say” The F1 circuit. Considering that we have Sepang International Circuit, and that Ive been to F1 races at Sepang before, theres nothing much I can say about it. Gah, I was not impressed at all. The weather. Since the weather was in transition from spring to summer, it was cool and windy. On the days that we were there, it was around 26 degrees all day – thats like 6 to 8 degrees lower than the temperature in KL yo! According to our hosts it will get as high as 45 degrees in one and a half months time.

All in all, the conference could have been better. We take the Bahrain conference as a learning experience. Fyodor has uploaded some pics, and blogged about the trip here. As usual, Alphademon provided a trip report as well.

UPDATE: More pics here and here.

Listening to: Iron Maiden – Face In The Sand

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