neal – neal and dan’s south american adventure! – Chile 9

15 Feb 2008

We are now officially in Patagonia (we made it!)  The boat trip was actually pretty cool.  We went in with pretty low expectations, but it was actually pretty great.  Plus no matter how bad it was we knew there was no way it could be the worst boat wed ever been on.  Although since we were paying to go and not being paid to go we hoped it wouldnt even be close, and it wasnt.  Lots of nice people were on the trip with us and the time went by pretty quickly.  It was nice to relax for a few days and even though we were relaxing we were still making forward progress (the boat traveled at an average of 12 knots – not bad.)  No pictures again this time since I left not just my camera cord, but the camera as well (this has been almost unheard of this trip.)Tomorrow we are leaving Puerto Natales to go to the Torres del Paine National Park.  We will be doing a four or five day hike called the W since the path is vaguely in the shape of a W.  This is exciting in several regards one of which is that we will finally be using our tent a bit more.  Weve been toting the thing around since we started and weve only used it for three nights.  The hiking is supposed to be a bit difficult, but at least it isnt at altitude.  Weve been jokingly reffering to Torres del Paine as tours of pain.  Ill try to get some pictures up when we get back.

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posted Friday February 2008