neal – neal and dan’s south american adventure! – Peru 16

Our last night in Cuzco was pretty fun.  We went to the Irish pub again where we met up with Troy and his new Dutch friend, Martin.  While we were there we actually met another observer as well!  His name is Ian and hes been with the Alaska program for about a year and a half.  So, of course, we took a photo of the four of us because it was just too weird to have that many US observers in one spot in Peru.  Oddly enough all the guys had the exact same sunglasses as well.

After the Irish pub we went to see a traditional Andean music show at a fancy restaurant.  It was pretty cool, but a bit expensive.

We left Cuzco this morning by bus for Puno on Lake Titicaca.  We were a little reluctant to leave Cuzco since we liked it there so much, but if we want to make it to Patagonia we have to keep moving.  Were spending tonight in Puno then taking a tour to the floating island and Isla Taquile tomorrow where we will spend the night.  Then another night in Puno then off to Copacabana in Bolivia.

Posted from Peru:

posted Sunday January 2008