neal – neal and dan’s south american adventure! – Peru 17

We survived the Inca Trail!  Machu Picchu was very cool, but the entire trail was cool as well.  Our group was awesome.  It was the two of us, two guys from Chicago, a girl from Texas, a trio from the UK, a Norwegian dad with his son and daughter, two Icelandic guys, and an Australian.  Our guides were pretty cool too, but the real superstars were the porters.  Those guys are amazing.  Here we are struggling with our hiking boots and backpacks and these guys are running up and down the trail with huge, heavy loads in sandals!  And then after beating us to camp they set up our tents and cooked up gourmet meals.  The last night we even had animals carved out of vegetables adorning the dishes. 

The trail was amazing.  Machu Picchu is at the end of course, but theres quite a few other ruins on the way.  The second day was the toughest with the longest climb and the highest pass.  Tons of plants, and some orchids on the next to last day.

Our group was the first to make it to the Sun Gate (go team!).  Unfortunately it was cloudy and rainy when we first got there – it cleared up later to the point that we got sunburned… oops. 

We took it easy in Cuzco today and are going to meet up with our friend Troy shortly to go see a show with Andean music and dancers… should be cool.  Today we did manage to take a trolley tour around the city which was nice.

Were off to Puno on Lake Titicaca tomorrow in the morning.  Were hoping that will give us enough time in Puno to find a spot to watch the Patriots game on Sunday.  😉

Posted from Peru:

posted Friday January 2008