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07 Apr 2008

Well me and Corinna are still together….just! We spent a few more days in palolem before i got the night bus to Bombay and she joined me a day later. I arrived in bombay in the morning so had to negotiate the Bombay Internal train system at rush hour. That was an adventure!! I missed the first three trains before i learnt how to run at the door and force my way  in. I lost my flip flops as i was forced backwards of a train, nearly lost my guitar as i was holding onto the train with one hand and clinging on to my guitar with the other as it drifted away in the crush of people and nearly lost conciousness due to lack of air reaching my lungs. Got there anyway. On the first night i stayed in Bombay with some friends i met in Gokarna and they took me out to a few clubs, resteraunts and there local hangouts etc so that was pretty cool, to see how they live and where they work bla bla bla…

The next day I traveled down to the south of the city (its a bloody big city!) to Colaba where i met Corina (who wasn’t to happy, but thats another story). We spent about a 8 days there together. Its such an amazing place, i could really se myself living there. Corinna took me to lunch on top of the five star hotel ‘the Taj Mahal’ which was AMAZING! You could see miles over the city and the food was unbelievable. We also ate and drank at some other pretty swanky places, places with Porsches and Bentlys parked outside! That took me a while to get my head around!!

A few days in we met one of Corinnas friends who lives there and he took us the the Exclusive Bombay yaght club where we met a fine old english gentelmen who were born there and spoke very proper like. Anyway he bought us some Gin Tonics so we liked him alot. Went out to the cinema and watched Bucket List (recommend it). ummmm went over to elephanta island, which was beautiful and on the way back everyone was singing and dancing on the roof as we motored back into Bombay and into the sunset. Ooooo and I nearly forgot, i went on a Bollywood photo shoot. It wasn’t a film but an advertisement for a tv serial. It was so much fun and apparantly my face and a few others will be plastered on buses all over India in a few weeks…hope i get to see it.

Anyway got to run and change into my maroon robe else im gonna miss my  first meditation (thats another place another week another story so ill write it up at another time)

Okay Bye 

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Donb’t know what happened but it seems I have missed loads of your blog – just located it so all good … there was me thinking you had only posted about three attempts so good to find more. xx

12 Apr 2008
OK – so that was ages ago — whqat about another update””

17 Mar 2008
Only just found these additions – great stuff!! Glad you are enjoying life and the women too!Take care – miss you lots but am pleased you are happy xxxx

02 Mar 2008
Hi Ols,
Your mum has just shown me your blog, brilliant, sounds like you are really having fun and seeing so much as well as drinking loads and partying, Continue enjoying yourself and take care!

02 Mar 2008
p>Goa Anjuna beach.Arrived in goa with some dude from switzerland, he was a nice enough guy but we were trying to find a hotel and he couldn’t keep hi face out of the guide book which is just stupid so i walked of and found my own hotel.Went for a walk and just thought this is amazing! so many bars and restaurants all the way down the beach. Went for a beer and met charles a guy from belguim whos been here since 1977. He just wanted money of me because a polive man took all his 3 years ago.Then i met kay. i japenese girl from brixton who so cool and introduced me to loads of english peopl.The next day i was lying on deck chair, bed thing and i here this little voice next me saying “do you want some melon”
I looked over and thought…fuck yea i want some melon.
So that was that. that was my birthday present. a beautiful swedish girl. we goty on so well and spent the next 4 days together.
Then she went home on monday so i was feeling sorry for my self in the bar when i start talking to two absolutely stunning austrailian girls. They were too beautiful for me but we spent the night drinking and partying away. awsome.Then last night i got speaking to a canadian guy, about 47. we got on really well and drunk so much and he paid for it all. but then he tried to kiss me which was really wierd. then he tried to give me 1000 rupees and i thought i’d better get out of here (i took the money anyhow)!Now im in panjim and my bus just got changed from 5pm to 7 pm so just waiting now.Might go back to goa for another week on my way back up north. its just a crazy place. its shaped by 30 years of peoples fantasys about paradise, you can see it everywhere. its a place made from dreams and its how people fall in loveBloody brilliant place!
Thus why im leaving…before i get stuck like i so easily do and so many of hundreds of thousands of people do every year. but il be back.

23 Jan 2008
Yes – grammar absolutely appalling but that can be forgiven because it is good to read your words and to visualise life! Take care and have fun …muv

20 Jan 2008
Alret loser.
Happy birthday for yesterday, only got the internet today though :DKeep drinking aye..

19 Jan 2008
Also dont forget to fill in your map so we can see where you’ve been

14 Jan 2008
Good to chat today -glad you’re ok and happy!!!!! Dont live too dangerously! Dad

14 Jan 2008
Oliver Wakefield
Ummmm day 26, Udaipur 7th of jan.Made my way into town about 11 and met some of the guys i met last night. Students about 20 – 21 but so immature its amazing. there nice guys but bloody full on. we went for a walk and then headed to there flat for some lunch. Im pretty sure they weren’t gay but they kept telling me i had beautiful eyes and how amazing i was and how i should move in with them. And how much they loved me. Anyway. we went dowen to some steps at the edge of the lake too watch the sunset when a film crew turned up, with about 40 beautiful young girls in red saris. There were loads of people everywhere, taking photos and the atmosphere was electric.When they lefty and so did most of the people we cracked open a few beers when this man turns up and says the police are coming. My new friends panic and start shouting and running in circles dragging me in different directions (its illegal to drink beer in a public place).
I made a hasty retreat back to my hotel while they fled in sheer fear. at the top of the hill a police man came and said
When i asked why he said that he thought i was smoking hash, after a few minutes of easeing his suspicions he let me go. The hole night i was expecting the police to turn up. It was exciting but bloody scary!!Tonight i get a sleeper bus to Indore (its cheaper to get a sleeper bus because then you don’t have to pay for accomadation) then in the morning a bus to Mandu. Ben did what i thought he would and never came to india, I only found out this morning so my plans to get there for my birthday are over. Im not going to Mumbai because it is too expensive and heather said i can’t stay but im quite happpy. The food here is amazing and i love it more and more at every meal, just can’t get enough! The sun is shining, the beer is cheap and the women beautiful, Very little to moan about ( aprt from the Inconsiderate bastards who decided to, i dunno, but it sounded like they were building a new bedroom on top of mine at 3am). Not really sure what the best thing to do with my photos really, i think put them on to disk, twice and send one home and keep one with me as my memory card will be full soon.Anyway happy new year etc etc. Must dash (going to sell shantaram and buy another, its a bloody good book you should read it)Ps Note for Muv, sorry about the terrible grammer i was in kinda a rush, must try harder..x

09 Jan 2008
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