Oliver Wakefield – Ollie – India 2

18 Mar 2008

Yea that was a it of a long time ago sorry about that.I left Cochin with my team and a few others and headed south to alleppy to get a house oat on the kerala back waters. The boat was awsome and we spent two days floating around drinking rum, playing cards and eating some of the best food ive had in India, including some massive tiger prawns!From alleppy we went deep into the keralan hills to a homestay¬† in a place called wayanad. Here along with a few other people we enjoyed a weks of home cooked food and home cooked entertainment. We went swimming under waterfalls, wildlife spotting, raftbuilding, trekking, caveing, along with loads else.The family we stayed with were so welcoming and we all felt really at home on there farm in the most beautiful surroundings. The lady of the house was the most incredible cook and seemed to use about every part of every plant around to create the most delicious dishes.From wayanad we went to Mysore, a big city with the feel of a small village. We had a great time going to all the markets laughing at some of the shit that they sell, like a hair shop that only sold black hair!”¬† We went to the fish market and the meat market, boiled some chickens (i don’t think that photo is going on facebook) squeezed some squids and just had a great time exploring the city at stupid o clock in the morning..A couple of group left to go to jap[an and we moved forward to Gokarna which is just south of Goa where we stayed for a few days on the plain white sands of the arabian sea, swam with the fosflorescent plankten that light up when you move them, drank beer, did very little and just soaked up the rays on the “hippy beach” ( it really was). We went to another festival called the something something which was quite cool. They rolled this 108 ton chariot down the road while tens of thousands of people launched bannanas at it while trying not to get squashed.From Gokarna, we moved the epic distance of 3 hours to palolem, where i am now and have been for a week.Ive had the most amazing week, in my mind life doesn’t get much better than this, it just a huge playground and weve been playing all week. last night it was Janas birthday so we had a huge party and about 20 people came, we had birthday cake and rum and loads of food and some musicians. What an amazing week but unfortunately i was bought back down to earth with a bump early this morning. Ive obviously been getting a bit careless and after i went to the atm yesterday i didn’t put any of my money away safely and just left it in my wallet. I think it was about four or five this morning, while i was swimming in the sea with lovely girl from Austria, that our bag, that was left on the each was raided and both out wallets emptyed and mobile phones stolen but luckily they left our wallets otherwise we wouldve been a it f****d!!!!!I had about 50 pounds taken……………… it was quite a good night tho………..

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posted Tuesday March 2008